Rubber square cords – In Stock


These rubber square cords vary, mostly by 1mm (they are declared), but that is why their prices are low.

All (except where indicated) are made of EPDM mixture, 70 sha.

10 X 1045m118 din/m
10/11 X 10/1150m + 75m118 din/m
11x10,520m118 din/m
12 X 1215m + 8m170 din/m
13 X 133m200 din/m
13/14 X 13/147m200 din/m
6 X 19 (SUNĐERASTA, 55 sha)15m135 din/m
11 X 737m91 din/m
63 X 1011m743 din/m
15x1030m177 din/m
22 X 1628m415 din/m

Sunđer guma EPDM 120 g/dm3 sečena
1.50x3 mm
2.25x5 mm
3.50x5 mm
Sunđer guma EPDM 120 g/dm3 sečena samolepljiva
1.15x2 mm
2.50x2 mm
3.10x3 mm
4.20x3 mm
5.50x3 mm
6.10x5 mm
7.15x5 mm
8.20x5 mm
9.25x5 mm
10.30x5 mm
11.40x5 mm
12.50x5 mm
13.8x8 mm
14.10x10 mm
15.20x10 mm
16.25x10 mm
17.30x10 mm
18.40x10 mm
19.50x10 mm
20.100x10 mm
21.15x15 mm
22.20x15 mm
23.20x20 mm
24.30x20 mm
Sunđer guma EPDM - ekstrudirana
1.20x10 mm
2.20x15 mm
3.25x15 mm
Our company already owns a number of tools for rubber square cords only.
In case we don’t have the tool for the cords you need, we will make it in the shortest possible time and produce the required cords.