Microporous Cords – In Stock


These microporous cords vary, mostly from 0.5 mm to 1mm (they are disrated), but therefore prices have been lowered.

Ø 5 4x300m + 30m 50 din/m
Ø 5.5 7.5m 50 din/m
Ø 9-10 60m 90 din/m
Ø 9.5-10 12.5m 92 din/m
Ø 10 4,5m + 2m 100 din/m
Ø 10.5 24m 100 din/m
Ø 10-11 19m + 11m 130 din/m
Our company already owns a number of tools for rubber cords only.
In case we don’t have the tool for the cord you need, we will make it in the shortest possible time and produce the required cords.